Thursday, November 20, 2008

They grow up so fast.

The boys are under the weather. Another cold. Which means we had to cancel our play date plans and spend the ENTIRE morning with nothing to do buy whine, whine, whine.

At 8:30 I'd had enough. I tossed the boys in the stroller and decided to head for the trails.

It struck me, hard in the face, how much the boys have grown up.

Last Fall and Winter we spent a good amount of time walking the trails near our home. We'd go out after naps and be back in time for dinner. A good couple of hours.

Today, it took us less than an hour.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Together again

We started sleeping the boys in the same bed. They then moved into separate cribs. Soon Evan's habit of waking up 1000 times a night found the boys in separate rooms.

Recently, bedtime finds Evan running into Ryan's room hurdling himself into the spare crib to go to "sleep". We pull him out amid protests to go sleep in his own room.

Today at nap time, call me crazy, I said what the heck. You want to sleep in there? I'll go get your pillow.

I warned them, no messing around, if I hear a peep, I'm coming back to separate them.

Almost two hours later, nary a sound. It makes me smile thinking about my little boys together again. (that sound is me knocking on wood)

Now Mommy and Daddy have to get serious and find some big boy beds.

Where'd he get that?

You all know how Ryan is calling himself "Puppy". Well, Evan has a new nickname for himself.

Wrecking Ball.

Okay, where did he get that?

Who's been calling my baby a wrecking ball?

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Last weekend we took family photos for the first time. Today we got the link to our preview. Just a few shots to entice. So if you think you might be getting a photo in your stocking this year, or a holiday card from us in your mailbox, you might not want to take a look at this link. There is a good chance one of these shots might be what we choose, however there are tons more we might choose from. It's your choice. If you like delayed gratification, please, please, please do not click through this link. If you can't possibly wait another second to see them, please feel free to go and look, but don't be disappointed come December when "you've seen it all before".

I personally, Gasped at a couple of the shots, and I may have squealed a little too. (and yes, one in particular made we well up a bit.)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I love you puppy

Ryan has been referring to himself as "puppy" as in "puppy sad" or "puppy happy" or "puppy wants food".

This morning we brought Ryan into bed for a cuddle. It was still a bit early to get up and going, and Evan was still fast asleep. This was the conversation.

Ryan: Sad Puppy
Me: Why are you sad Puppy?
Ryan: Puppy misses Evan
Me: Evan is sleeping
Ryan: Wake up Evan, puppy want to play with you.

I'll I could say was, "AWWWWWWW"

Last night before bed Ryan was pushing his cart around and he said:

Ryan: Bye-Bye Puppy
Scott: Where are you going?
Ryan: Target
Scott: Why are you going to Target?
Ryan: By Mble-M's
Me: (to myself) I may want to stop eating so many M&M's

Last night as I put him into bed.

Ryan: I love you Puppy.
Me: I love you Ryan.
Ryan: I love you Puppy. Goodnight Puppy, sleep tight.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The day after

As promised, here are pictures of Evan crying at swim lessons. This is pretty much the face through the entire lesson. We go back on Friday. Let's hope things go better.Sorry for the really blurry photo of Ryan, I was pretty far away from him. He did pretty well, cried a little bit, but adjusted nicely, from what I could see.
At the very end of the session one of the instructors got adventurous and took Evan out for a spin. He cried, but he was pretty proud of himself when he got back to the pool edge.
These are pictures of the boys with their "I voted" stickers. I found it interesting that they chose to place them over their mouths. With record voter turn out I hope that many people realized that if you don't vote, your voice is silent.

A couple of funny things being heard around here.

Evan: ROCK Obama, Rock Obama! Rock Obama! (when asked who the next President is, or every time he hears his name on the radio.)
Evan: Don't test me! (After me telling him this once yesterday, he now says this every time I start to discipline him)
Ryan: Scott is home. (When he hears Daddy at the door)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our first Civics lesson

If you are offended by discussion of politics, homosexuality, choice, or religion please do not read any further. Tomorrow I will post cute pictures of the boys crying at swim lessons.

I wasn't going to get political on my blog, I try to avoid it in real life too (you know politics and religion), but today I was overwhelmed. The enormity of today's election is blowing my mind. I actually had a physical response, which I did not expect.

On my way out this morning to take Evan to OT, there were a number of "Vote Yes on 8" people out on the corners, waving their signs, while motorists honked in support. I felt the bile rise in my throat as I saw two little kids, with their parents, waving those signs.

Honestly, I was so overwhelmed, all I could do was shake my head as tears welled up in my eyes. I just don't understand people.

I am a firm No on 8 person. (For those of you outside of CA, Prop. 8 bans gay marriage, makes it unconstitutional) I personally find it so disgusting it makes me physically ill. Honestly, what business is it of yours who marries who? Just how does that effect you or me? I saw a sign painted on a car that summed it up for me it said, "I didn't vote on your marriage".

Get over yourselves. Get out of other peoples lives. They are not hurting you, or others. If two people LOVE each other enough to want to be married, who are you to say they cannot. Who are you to deny them basic rights given to a "traditional" union. Just as it would be wrong for me to say you cannot practice your religion, it is wrong for you to say gay people cannot be married.

I'm sure I just offended lots of people and I'm sorry. Really I am. I very strongly believe that we all have the right to our opinions, and I try not to ever make people uncomfortable with mine.
But today, this day, I can't keep it to myself. In addition to believing in some basic human rights, I also believe that if you have religion, and it works for you. Great. GO FOR IT! Good for you. I hope it makes you happy.

The real point to this story is that with all the Prop. 8 hubbub, and the possibility of our electing Barack Obama the first President of color, I was feeling a little political.

I took the boys to a polling place. I know they will never remember it, but I felt like it was important to me to take them there on this monumental day. (I voted by mail a while ago, but I swung into a local polling place anyway)

We walked in, it wasn't very crowded, and I just explained to them in simple terms.
Every four years we have the honor to elect our president.
It is our right and responsibility.
We should think very hard about our choices.
In 16 years you will be able to vote in your very first presidential election.
and then they got stickers.

For them, it was all about the stickers, for me, it was a chance to start educating my children on the importance of making your voice heard.

Tomorrow I will also post cute pictures of the boys with their "I voted" stickers. I'm too spent tonight to do so now.

And again, if I offended, I'm sorry, but I DID warn you.

Edited: OBAMA Wins. I breathe easier.
Edited again: I had a hard time sleeping tonight and removed some of the more inflammatory comments. So this reads a lot less offensive than it did last night. I'm still so disappointed that California can't support equality for all.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Photo shoots and old friends.

Today we ventured out for our first family photo shoot. I've been very neglectful in getting professional photos taken of the boys but it's something that I've been meaning to do for, well, the last two and a half years.

We used a photographer recommended by our friend Lindsay. They have used Alison, well, for the last two and a half years. ( I suck ) I've always admired the pictures so this year I finally did it.

Rain was predicted for today, so I was a little worried. I was also a little worried that my very active boys would do something crazy and end up with a black eye or missing tooth. (remind me to talk about my teeth sometime soon)

Turns out we had partly cloudy no rain, and no black eyes. There's a little bruise on Ryan's cheek but it's barely noticeable.

I sure hope Alison got some good shots. It's so hard to tell. Ryan was pretty cooperative, however Evan would only sit still for about 2 seconds at a time. They had a blast, our locations were beautiful, so even if we get 1 or 2 pictures, I'll be happy. Stay tuned.

After the shoot, I totally out of character, decided that an impromptu visit to the aquarium would be a fun thing to do. Mind you, I was wet, very wet, and very sandy. The boys, had changes of clothes, of course, but I well, I had dry outerwear, but no dry underwear. I'll just let you ponder my choice. Sometimes the imagination is funnier than real life.

We were at the aquarium for a while, the boys had pet the sea cucumber, and the sea star, and had now moved on to the boats. I swear we could play with the boats for hours. There was another woman out there with her son, and a group of kids over by the sharks. (It was about this point I realized that my back was seizing up on me and getting very sore.) This woman and her son were at one table and our boys were at another. All of a sudden she steps out between the two tables and says "It's Drop Kick!" I said "excuse me?" and she said it again. "It's Drop Kick!"

When realization kicked in, all I could say was "NO WAYYYY!!"

DK is someone Scott and I went to college with. MANY, MANY years ago. We ran into each other maybe 10 years ago? She's still living here, with her husband and 2 kids. Her one son is 2 and a half just like our boys. I gave her my card and I really hope she gets in touch with us because it would be fun to catch up after all this time.

Oh, she was named Drop Kick by one of our friends (whom we also haven't seen in some 15 years), because she was friends and roommates with two other Lisa's, and because she was small enough to Drop.Kick. The three Lisas forever became known as Drop Kick, Phil and Vogel. Well, forever in college, since I'm sure that after they stopped living together and hanging out with all of their college buddies, people started calling them Lisa.