Monday, September 12, 2011

After the boys of summer have gone...

They head off to kindergarten.

But before I let our last summer of complete freedom slip away the boys and I had adventure after a glance.

The beach x2

Legoland x3

(oh and do I have a story about this last trip to Legoland and the ride home,
but it is a story for another day.)

Disneyland x2

Being that we are obsessed with Star Wars and Darth Vader at the moment, this was a particular highlight of our trip to Disneyland, as was the two rides on Star Tours. I had to use Mommy Mind Tricks to get both boys up on stage as the Jedi Master was choosing his young apprentices.

Evan using his Jedi Mind tricks.

Contemplative Padowan Ryan.

Ryan taking down Darth Vader.

Evan's turn.

Sea World

WIld Animal Park

This Cheetah Kiburi was in the nursery and we went to visit him several times a month, watching him grow, and running in front of his cage so he could run along side the boys. Ryan in particular, loved the little guy and would want to play with him forever if Evan would let him. He was heartbroken when Kiburi was no longer in the exhibit. This day we happened to be leaving when Kiburi was coming out as his new role as ambassador! Ryan was so happy to see his old friend, and I was really glad our timing was just right to see him.

Soccer started

Birthday party

Ryan requested a Moose Ear Hat, and a lightsaber.

And that was just the last three weeks.

And today we started kindergarten.

But first we had the opening our "cones". (For the second day of school they
would like me to make Harry Potter cones.)

Then we refused to pose for pictures.

We met our new teacher

She showed us where our backpacks go

...and we made ourselves comfortable.

...found some things of interest

"take a picture of me with the butterfly mommy!"

...and then we got down to business.

Culminating in a celebration after school with some ice cream and Legos.

Thoughts on the whole school thing to follow. Both mine and the boys.

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Weather Geeks

I am not sure how this started other than pure genetics but my boys have turned into bonafide weather geeks.

The have latched on to the IMAX movie Tornado Alley as their touchstone.

I believe Scott was interested in taking the boys to see it and I was worried it might be a tad scary. Scott showed them a preview on his computer and they were hooked.

Since that moment they have been building TIVs (tornado intercept vehicle) out of Legos, drawing them on every surface and pretending we are chasing tornadoes every time we are in the car.

We did end up taking both boys to see the movie which has only turned up the obsession to 11. And I have begun answering to Sean Casey (IMAX cinematographer and creator of the TIV)

Last weekend their young dreams came true. (aside from becoming darth vader).

Yes the TIV was in town along with Sean Casey himself and we were there too.

We won TIV shirts because we brought in on Lego creations. (just an added bonus we brought them just to show Sean Casey and had no idea there was a whole Facebook thing going on)

We were able to climb in and around the TIV.

We were even interviewed for the local news (our interview never made it to air)(updated, someone saw us on TV so I guess we just missed the correct broadcast in the three hours of local news we TiVo'ed.)

Sadly I don't have a better picture of their Lego TIVs and the real thing, but it is pretty clear that they were in weather geek heaven.

Now if I can just convince them that they may NOT be storm chasers when they grow up.

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