Monday, September 27, 2010

Do NOT Blink.

Today, as I was preparing dinner I thought about how nice it is to have twins. They play so well with each other. I gazed out into the living room where the two boys were sharing a blanket and a book, and smiled. Oh, those early years, they were tough. EXHAUSTING. But now, just look at them, best friends, so sweet with each other. Almost brought a tear to my eye.

Then I turned around to put something into the pan, and the scene went from idyllic to every one in time out NOW! In less than a blink of an eye.


It's so nice to have twins.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stop the presses

We are on night three of wearing underware to bed. Nights one and two went perfectly, but please, think dry thoughts for me.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks

My kids are sports nuts.

Seriously crazy about sports.

I know, I know, apples, trees.

They have been asking to go to a baseball game recently, since baseball is our new passion, from where this sprouted up, who knows, but at least 100 times a week I am asked if we can go play baseball. I am happy to oblige, but I am getting a little tired of getting hit with come-backers!

Sunday we went to the Padres game, for several days, it was all the boys could talk about. How many days until we go to the Padres game? Is tomorrow the day we go to the baseball game? I want to go to the baseball game today. Remember when we went to the baseball game last year? I was pretty relieved when Sunday rolled around.

I just loved this shot of Evan walking with Scott, his mitt under his arm, the cuteness kills me!

While the Padres were busy losing to the Giants, in a truly pathetic offensive performance, MY BOYS were tearing it up!

When the Padres designed their new ball park (PetCo Park) they created this wonderful family friendly environment, where you can picnic, play ball, play in the sand, or on the park play structure, not to mention roll down the big hill. It's only five dollars to get in, and if you have kids, who generally take three hour naps, and you are attempting to push them way beyond to go to a baseball game, it's nice that you can cut and run if things start to go south, and not feel like you've wasted a ton of money.

One of the highlights of the Park at the Park is this miniature baseball field, where all kids can "play" baseball. You stand in line to take an at bat, and run the bases, and you can play in the outfield as long as you want. Generally there were about 30 kids in the outfield, so really amusingly chaotic!

Unfortunately I only had my little point and shoot so these pictures do take some imagination to get the full effect, but oh, my goodness, these boys had fun.

This is Ryan up to bat, he took two at bats and made SOLID contact with the ball both times, hitting the ball well in to the field of play.

I'm always shocked a little by their athleticism, and their fierce determination. (not really)

If you look to the right of this picture in the middle you can see Ryan running the bases. I think he might have been thrown out at first, but it did not matter to him, or any of the other kids out there, they just kept tagging him out, and he just kept running.

On a side note, none of the kids complained that hey you are out, so get off the field. That's pretty cool, and great sportsmanship on the part of all of the older kids out there that actually know the rules! YEA KIDS!

And here Ryan is crossing home plate, with his brother ready to greet him!

Evan also had two at bats, and he did make contact both times, one was a foul ball, but he ran it out anyways. And the second at bat he hit a serious line drive that was not caught by any of the 20 kids attempting to play defense.

If you have good eyes you can just see the ball leaving the bat in the picture below.

And then nothing, except his new "real Padres" hat falling off his head, could stop him from running around the bases. (look closely and you can see the hat on the ground and Evan turning back towards it)

I SWEAR, I have no idea where he learned this, oh shoot, wait I do remember. My bad. As the play was at home plate, Evan crashed into the catcher full speed, attempting to score. You can barely see him as the catcher was about three years older, and maybe a foot taller than Evan. But there, was my kid barreling through the catcher to home plate.

And there is the catcher on the ground, and my kid still standing.

Ryan really seemed to enjoy playing in the field, amongst all of the kids, older, bigger, the better. He'd run after any ball that got hit ANYWHERE on the field, he and at least 20 of the 3o kids out there. SO FREAKING CUTE, all of the kids out there!

He also told us about his friend Matt Brown (name changed to protect the innocent) He said "Matt Brown and I played baseball, he's my friend" I guess, he and Matt shared a moment out there on the field? I love that he was out there making friends. Sigh.

(maybe one of those kids is the mysterious Matt Brown?)

Evan, all he wanted to do was play first base, and first base he played, sort of, well, he stood there, and he looked really cute.

What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Can't wait to do it again.

Oh, and while we did not have to cut and run, the boys were in bed by 5:30 and slept basically through until morning.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of School 2010

It's so hard to believe that it has been a year since the first EVER first day of school. A year ago I was in a panic, afraid that my kids would be crying, and sad. They were fine, had a ton of fun and never looked back. They had a wonderful, successful year where they made lots of friends and learned so much.

We had a wonderful summer, but I think we were all ready to go back to school. After three weeks of Ryan's "inactivity" we were all going a bit stir crazy.

This morning I gave the boys their Schultuete which were filled with books, cars, and a little Lego car.

Ryan insisted on building it immediately (after breakfast). He has an amazing ability to put these things together. He worked on it alone for a few minutes and was doing a great job following the directions. This piece is for a 5-12 year old, so it was a bit difficult, however he mostly needed help making sure the pieces were all secure. Evan, after he finished eating also wanted to build his. His attention span is not as long, or as focused as Ryan's, but he managed to work long enough to get his car together. They were both pretty excited and proud of themselves.

We made it to school and attempted to get the obligatory "First Day of School Photo", however the boys were not exactly co-operative. I have five other pictures with one or more boy looking in one or more direction! This, was the very best of the lot, and well, there was a line growing behind us!

Ryan made pictures for his teachers this morning, and he was very excited to present Mrs. C with his art work. I love that he thought of this all on his own, and set to work with out prompting. Such a big boy.

Evan walked in and went straight to work. The boys are so happy and comfortable. This is the same class room they were in last year, and Mrs. C is one of their teachers from last year too. I can't wait to hear about all of their adventures this year.