Sunday, March 22, 2009

So, I'm a little behind, shoot me.

Let's see, excuses, well, I'm working on the boys birthday extravaganza. Which means I'm sewing almost every night. (don't ask, I'll post a picture when I'm done) I've got boxes of stuff piled everywhere because, I've got no good place to put it all, and it stresses me out. I'm in the middle of getting the boys registered for PRESCHOOL! EEK! Can you believe it? In September I will let these guys out of my clutches, er, free, er no, um, well, they'll be away from me for 6 hours a week! What am I going to do with myself. With all of that anxiety comes a mountain of paperwork, times two. I've got so many things going on I feel totally disorganized to the core. I HATE that.

Amidst all of my chaos. Ryan took a huge step.

Yep, that is him sleeping in his big boy bed for the first time. (and Evan waking him up in the morning) I went out to dinner with a girlfriend, and when I came home, Scott said..."Guess who's sleeping in his big boy bed?" Since he was on the couch, I assumed it was one of the boys. I guessed Evan, I was wrong. To hear Evan tell the story is priceless. This is how it goes according to Evan.

"Daddy and I were cuddling on Ryan's big boy bed, when suddenly, Ryan threw all of his buddies out of the bed and made a JAIL BREAK"

Also it should be noted that some time in the last few weeks Evan has taken on a sort of southern drawl. He stretches out his words like Jail break comes out sounding kind of like "Jayy- UL Breaaa-K" Really, hard not to smile when he is talking to you.

What a difference six months makes. Around six months ago I took the boys to get their hair cut. It was a disaster Evan cried, screamed, melted down. LOST IT! This time...

Not a tear, not a hesitation, jumped right up into the chair and was happy as a little clam. Ryan, he too was very happy, he "got to watch a movie". He sat on my lap the entire time Evan was getting his locks chopped, and was transfixed by the Thomas the Train movie. This is why I don't let them watch TV. He is so my child. He sat for 30 minutes with his eyes glued to the TV. I'm not sure he even blinked! Wait, this is WHY I should let them watch TV, right?

Oh, and I had my ultimate bad parenting moment. It makes me shudder just remembering it now like 10-12 days ago. We had these stupid halogen lights. One in the living room that used to be "protected" by a doll in a glass case. Well, someone ran their tricycle into the doll, broke the case, and the lamp has been accessible for 3 maybe 4 weeks now.

I heard a big crash, which is nothing unusual around here, I didn't hear any screaming, so I wasn't quick to come running. Then I heard shrieking, crying, hysteria. Ryan had touched the glass halogen bulb protector that had come off the lamp when it went crashing down to the floor. His fingertips were burnt. That glass thing was HOT. I quickly got his hands under cold running water while I went to pick it up off the floor. (so we wouldn't have another set of burnt fingers) and I still couldn't pick it with my bare hands. I frantically called the doctors office, while Ryan sat with his hand in a cup of cold water. He sat that way for about an hour and a half. Every time he took his fingers out of the water he started to whimper and then cry. By the morning, there was no blistering, and all seemed to be forgotten, except for the occasional recounting of the incident by Evan.

Evan had a tragedy of his own last week. We lost his beloved "LadyBug". I'm sure it fell out of the car and was picked up to be loved by some one else, but we had a couple of really rough days. He would look at me and say, lower lip protruding, "Where is my LadyBug?" I'd then tell him that "Ladybug" is missing, gone" and tears would form in his eyes, his lower lip would tremble, and my heart would break. Now almost a week later, he still mentions LadyBug, but he now tells me that "LadyBug has gone to look for food."

The Boys love of books continues. If you enter this house, be prepared to read to them, or to have them read to you. Today. Ryan "read" 4 or 5 pages to me out of one of his books. He got every word right, now, I know this is just pure memorization, but it was really amazing. He looked from page to page, turned pages appropriately, and when he stopped, I asked if he could read me some more, he replied, "I don't know any more."

Reading always includes cuddling, which is my favorite part.

Finally, Ryan had me laughing so hard I was crying today.
Evan has been throwing up a lot lately. Today he was near puking, and Ryan looked at him and said. "Evan if you throw up, I'm going to lose my mind."

I REALLY have to watch what I say, because it's being "recorded" and played back at me all too frequently these days!

Friday, March 13, 2009

"I want to go on an airplane"

Why Ryan, why do you want to go on an airplane?

"To go see my friends"

Who are your friends Ryan?

"Eric and Mary."

(conversation I had with Ryan all day Monday)

We had a visit from Eric and Mary, and it made quite an impression. The boys enjoyed the undivided attention of adoring fans. From the moment Eric and Mary got in the car, the love fest began. I'm not sure either boy stopped talking for air. They babbled about one thing or another the ENTIRE ride home. Once we arrived at home they were both very anxious to share their toys and suggest that Eric and Mary might like to play with them.

That is if your definition of suggest is screaming "READ" or "PLAY or "LOOK" or Ryan's favorite

The weekend was filled with fun, eating, play, eating, oh yeah, and eating.

It was so much fun to have Uncle Eric and Auntie Mary visit! Although the aftermath has been a little traumatic.

This week Evan's favorite phrase has been "When Eric and Mary get home..." (and he means here home, in our home)

So Eric, Mary, come home soon. Mr. Tractor, Mr. Bulldozer and Mr. Fire Engine miss you!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

When I grow up


Ryan: "I'm TowMater"
Evan: "no Ryan, Lightning McQueen"

Ryan: (Cries)
Evan: "You are alright Ryan, Do you need a kiss to make you feel better?"
(smacking sound)
Evan: "There, you feel better now"

Ryan: "I can't wait until my birthday."

Evan: "There is an American Flag, just like the one I saw on the Ferry Boat!" to the amazed resource coordinator from the school district. (strings, 6 words together in a sentence, check)

Ryan: "No, I don't want to go here, I want to go to our friends house!" upon arriving at the "testing site".

Ryan: "When I grow up I want to drive a pick up truck." "When I grow up I want to drive a RED pick up truck"

Evan: "no Ryan, when I grow up I want to ride in a police car" (please DO NOT let that be foreshadowing!"

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"I'll take Potpourri for $200, Alex"

***potpourri for $200***

Because it was just

"What is, what the house looked like at 9:15 AM!?!?!" (how is that possible?)

***Potpourri for $400***

Used exclusively in the NICU
for 5 months as a hand sanitizing agent,
obsessively for the next two and a half
years in the home and in public.

"What is Avagard? the thing I frantically searched my house for, fearing that I had used my last bottle of. Wondering if my Mother in Law could still get this from the 3M store, even though she is retired."

***Potpourri for $600***

Although they can fight
and torment each other,
these creatures genuinely enjoy the other,
and constantly make their mother smile.

"What did Ryan and Evan do while I was frantically searching the house for Avagard?"

***Potpourri for $800***

You take an 80 degree February day,
two young boys,
throw in an ocean,
a sea lion and
an American Flag.

"What is a recipe for a super fun morning on the ferry?

***Potpourri for $1000***

Written into his goals
for a three year old,
not expected to be met,
blown away.

"What is Ryan peddaling a tricycle!!!!"