Sunday, April 7, 2013

Evan at Seven

Evan my sweet, ball of fire, never ending source of entertainment. Evan my Joy. I cannot believe you are seven. Seven years ago you came bursting into my life.  How you were not Baby A I'll never know.  It is possible that you were pushing, kicking, and talking at Ryan so hard he just had to come out. 

Evan you wake up every morning and you are in fifth gear.  You don't slow down until you hit stop for the night and then you crash.  You still thrash and move in your sleep. The energy you have could power a small city.  If only I could harness it, I could reduce our electricity bills, and maybe even power my car! As much as sometimes I wish you would just sit still, I would never want to diminish the exuberance you attack everything with.

Evan you too are wicked smart.  It scares me sometimes!  You sat down the other day and read Tolkien.  Granted it was just the Hobbit, but seriously impressive man. When you are reading seems to be the only time you are quiet and still. Sometimes you hum, but usually you are quiet.  Your focus is amazing.  You have read entire chapter books, written for older kids, in a day. You never cease to amaze me. I am so glad you have been given the opportunity to flourish in school, and not be confined and disciplined to the point where you loose your joy.  I love that they embrace you for who you are!

Evan you still sing, but not like when you were younger.  You hum almost constantly.  You can hear a song/score once and it becomes part of your repertoire. We tried some music lessons, but you don't quite have the focus for the environment.  I want to find something for you this year to encourage your musical gene.

Evan, your vocabulary and your ability to formulate complex sentences always brings a smile to my face.  I recently likened you to Aaron Sorkin, an amazing writer of dialog for movies and television, one of my favorites. When you bust out a Sorkin Sentence, I wonder if your future holds writing, or the like.  I've always said you were my play by play man, but you've been talking about making movies a lot this year. I wonder.

Evan you are very sensitive, and I think you may get your feelings hurt often. You have lots of friends, but I am not sure they always know what to do with you.  With your vocabulary and your gift of gab you can overwhelm many. You are impatient and constantly need to be doing...I don't know where you got that!!! (I am sorry for that honey, I hope to teach you how to channel those attributes)

You are so strong, and determined.  You have wonderful opinions and you are not afraid to share them. You are fiercely loyal and passionate.

I love you my sweet, I love when you turn to me and say "I love you Mom" for no reason at all. I love that for a few weeks all you wanted was for me to cuddle you every night before bed. I know those moments will be fewer and fewer as you continue to grow older so I cherish every second.

Happy Birthday to my love bug.

Ryan at Seven

Ryan my loving boy.  You are seven today. How is that possible.  Seven years ago, I didn't know if you would live, let alone become the wonderful child you are today. Seven years ago today was the scariest, most wonderful day of my life because you and your brother made your grand entrance way too early.  I should have seen that as a foreshadowing of your constant early wake ups!

Ryan my heart.  You are so kind and generous.  This year it seems you are always trying to give things away, to me, to your father, to your brother.  I even caught you trying to slip Five Dollars into your Grandmother's Card.  You are so considerate of others and their feelings.  When Evan gets in trouble, I often find you crying for him.

You are so eager to help, and to do things on your own.  You still love to be in the kitchen, and you want to help when ever possible.  You can make your own breakfast, and you have gotten really good  at measuring, cracking eggs, and even chopping! You have such an affinity for the kitchen, I still think you may be a chef.

Ryan you are so incredibly smart, but you are less confident of your intelligence. Your memory is amazing.  You have such an eye for detail and with your memory, I have a tough time keeping up with you.  You struggled all year with your reading, but in the last few months you have really blossomed. You are reading easily things that had you frustrated only weeks ago.  I am so proud of your hard work and your tenacity.

You have so many friends, and you even have a "girlfriend".  Sorcha is super sweet and she talks about you to her mom all the time.  You must like her a lot as you named one of your Lego ships the Sorcha. She recently came over for a play date and the three of you ran around and had a blast for 7 hours.

You are so competitive, and such a perfectionist.  (I'm sorry about that sweetie, but you come by those attributes naturally. We will work on using that to your advantage)You remind me of your Daddy, not just in looks, but in your quick wit and one liners.  For someone so young, you have a very well developed sense of humor. 

I am so thankful that you still want to cuddle me.  All I need is a book and you are all over me!  You still spontaneously give me a hug, just because, and it melts me. I hope you never loose that loving, kind spirit of yours.

Happy Birthday my precious, sweet, loving boy!