Sunday, June 27, 2010

What is Rainbow Baseball?

Evan: Look Mommy, it is such a beautiful day today!
Ryan: I wish there was a rainbow in our sky
Evan: Yes, and we could play rainbow baseball

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Lately I've been feeling a little like an outsider in my boys lives.

They are suddenly becoming boys, real boys.

Independent. Responsible. Capable.

Suddenly we are cleaning up our plates after meals. Offering to help wash our own dishes. Getting our own water. We are getting ourselves dressed (mostly). We are using the toilet by ourselves (mostly). We get into the car and get our arms into our car seat straps.

All of those things are nice, they sometimes save time, sometimes, take way more time than we can afford. However, it is wonderful that they are becoming responsible little men.

One of the things the boys are doing on their own these days is playing on their own. Without ME!

They have the best time together, that is when they are not wrestling, tackling, or generally bugging each other. I find that more and more I am sitting back and listening. Watching. Enjoying.

In the last few weeks we have been a tad bit obsessed with the Magic Tree House Books. They are really fun books that emphasize the love of adventure, knowledge, and of course books! The series features siblings, Jack and Annie, who find a magic tree house. The tree house takes them on adventures through time and space and the world. In each story they travel with the aid of a book from the magic tree house, by reading and researching in the book, the kids learn about where they have landed, and they maneuver through an adventure, and eventually find their way home.

The boys have taken on the persona's of the characters in these books and reenact the adventures of Jack (Evan) and Annie (Ryan). Occasionally I get to play one of the minor characters, but for the most part, Jack and Annie are off on adventures together, hiding from dinosaurs, or talking to mummies, or traveling in mini-subs to see the dolphins.

I really, deep down, love that they are transferring the stories we read into their play so easily, but I kind of wish Jack and Annie had an older sister that went along on the adventures!

I know it is developmentally appropriate for them to be playing in this manner, but I have to admit, I miss the days when I had to direct the play a little more. I miss being needed. I know I'm still needed, but it seems like my role now is more keeping them on task, rather than being central to it all. I know I should be thrilled that they are developing appropriately, but if they don't start needing me a little more I might have to do something else with my time like...shudder....clean!


And I leave you with some videos...

Ryan's latest composition, inspired by one of my favorite musicals, and one of his favorite books.

Evan taking after his father, meeting a king snake found in our driveway.

Evan singing Hallelujah. Sorry about the quality, I was driving at the time shooting over my shoulder. I think you can hear him, if you listen very carefully.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Last day, of the first year, of a lifetime of learning

Ten months ago, I brought my babies to school. For the first time in their lives, they would not
be with me all day every day. I was terrified.

This is what the boys looked like today, their first year of school under their belts. Confident, happy, ready to tackle anything. (I inadvertently dressed Evan in the same shirt)

Thank you to the wonderful teachers that made this year so special...

Mrs. Finch

Mrs. Sessions

and Mrs. Camerino

We had such a wonderful experience with our teachers, and our wonderful, wonderful classmates. I honestly do not think we could have had a nicer group of kids and moms. I am going to miss the kids we wont be seeing next year. I am so happy with our preschool choice, what a wonderful year.