Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rainy Day Fun

I've been neglectful. What can I say, it was Christmas time. I was busy.

My boys love jumping in puddles.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What to do, what to do...

Lately the boys have been talking about a boy in their class.

They never seem to have anything good to say about this little boy.

I gather he is a little bit of trouble.

He may have some issues.

B took the phone out of my hand and broke it.

B took the pink towel away from me.

B took the camera I was using and put it in the paint so I couldn't use it anymore.

B knocked over my bucket, and Ryan's too.

B does crazy stuff.

Now, B seems like a sweet kid. He is on the younger end of the class, so some of his behavior may be that. Even though the boys complain about his actions, they still say good morning to him with enthusiasm. Their statements are all matter of fact, they never seem upset by it, but it is long in the past by the time I hear about it.

I struggle with how to approach this situation. I've considered asking the teachers what is going on. I've suggested that if what B is doing upsets them, they should avoid playing with him, however it seems that B seeks out trouble, and again, they don't seem overly upset.

My concerns are that I don't want this behavior rubbing off, and I don't want things to escalate.

I don't think this kid is a bully, he just doesn't know how to play appropriately. He is highly verbal, maybe I should just have Evan talk to him!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A scar is just a scar

So, today we had our post-op VCUG and renal ultrasound. We were supposed to have it a month after the surgery, but Children's is so backed up that we had to wait three months for this appointment. (this is relevant, I promise)

Ryan and Evan have been coughing since, well, like September, so did not even think about the ramifications of a cough, and administering laughing gas to my boy. Okay, I did, but I thought that I could clear his lungs enough with a little Albuterol, like I did last time. No problem.

Well, not so much. When the nurse listened to him she could barely hear air moving he was so congested. Yeah, I felt like a total negligent mom when she asked me if we had seen a doctor for this cold. No, we haven't. If I ran to the doctor every time one of these boys had a cough, they'd have to give me a job. I generally treat at home. I have my own stethoscope for goodness sakes, I know what junk in the lungs sound like. I KNOW what blue lips look like. Any---Way....

No Nitrous for Ryan.

My options, reschedule. (and wait another 3 months) or let him go through with the procedure with no sedation. Here's bad mom number two moment. Aw heck, let's just go for it. He'll be fine.

And he was. Totally.

There were tears, and he was scared, but he was wonderfully brave, and he still managed to laugh, joke and make me laugh during it all.

And then we had spicy noodles with chicken for lunch. And sticky rice with mango. And lots of hugs and reading.

Oh, yeah, and his reflux is gone, his surgery worked, and aside from another ultrasound in a year, we are free. Free of meds, free of Urology clinic, free of annual VCUG's (with or without nitrous)