Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blog Her Book Club: The Magic Room

The Magic Room, A Story About the Love We Wish For Our Daughters by Jeffrey Zaslow is a journey into the reality behind one of the most universal dreams of women old and young alike.
The hunt for the perfect wedding dress.

Zaslow searched the country to find Becker's Bridal, a family owned and operated shop in a small Midwestern town Fowler, Michigan where an estimated 100,000 brides have found "The One".

While the book chronicles eight women's journey to Becker's and then to the altar, it expertly weaves in to their stories, and the history of Becker's Bridal. Eva founded the "shop" in 1934, in the general store of Fowler owned by her in-laws. She grew the business by bringing in a dress or two at first, keeping a close eye on trends, being a tough businesswoman, and fulfilling a very special desire. The store passed to her son and daughter in law, in 1975 and finally to Shelley, the present owner. Shelley had to overcome her own parents reluctance to turn over the reins until Shelley made a bold move of her own to force her parents hands 2005.

Shelley then transformed the old vault into "The Magic Room".

This is a story of strong women, Becker's and the brides that have stood in the Magic Room.

Their stories will make you cry, laugh and marvel at the strength of these women. Be it a Becker, a bride, or a mother or grandmother of the bride. Each one has a story, and each story is moving and uplifting.

The Magic Room is a perfect book for for mothers of daughters, fathers of daughters and daughters alike. If you have ever or may ever have an encounter with a wedding dress this book is worth a read.

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Italia said...

I was extremely excited when I found out I had the opportunity to review this book. I loved both of Zaslow's previous books THE LAST LECTURE and THE GIRLS FROM AMES. I had a feeling I would love this one too, and I did. Zaslow wrote this in much the same style as THE GIRLS FROM AMES, giving each bride their own chapter and then coming back to them at the end with their follow-up story. Even though this is non-fiction, it reads smoothly and the emotion of each woman's story is the focus over the research studies that filter thoughout.